Cheese and Olive Trail

Cheese and Olive Trail


Sunday 21st February 2021. 13km, 10km, 5km
Excusive Trail Running in a Private Olive Tree Farm and pristine Magalies Mountains.

Distance & Entry Fee
Pre Entries Only (Closing 30 January 2021, or if max reached beforehand):
13km – R260 pp
8km – R260 pp
5km – R240 pp
Children under 12 years – R150 pp

Mkholo Olive Farm

Start Time / Batches:
30 pax will depart every 10 min
Please look at drop down menu to select which time slot and distance is best for you.

From 5:30am (First briefing at 06h50 sharp)

Limited to 30 Entries per batch

A beautiful Crystal Platter is your medal, you also get to taste olives and different cheeses

All attendees must please remember to print the indemnity form and bring a signed copy with to the event. Indemnity Form: click here to download



Wild Africa’s Cheese & Olive Trail – “Get Oiled”

Sunday 21st February 2021. 13km, 10km, 5km

Excusive Trail Running in an Olive Orchard into the majestic Magalies Mountains

Mkholo Olive Farm has a magnificent setting under beautiful trees with lush green lawns. Here the finish is well worth a picnic blanket and you can enjoy a Cheese & Olive tasting on your well deserved Crystal Platter. There are three areas that make up the complete 13km, and you can select how far you want to challenge yourself;

5km – You traverse the main farm orchards, relatively flat and can be done at pace. This section you get to explore all the olive orchards with thousands of trees at various ages. Very little rock or rough terrain so a great morning out in the country.

10km – This one is interesting and well worth the effort – you get to run the ridge on the mountain. Well marked single paths take you up the mountain, yes you need to get to the top, but we rate this as a 4 out of 5 in just two places where it is steep but for no longer than 200m. Once you get back from the mountain you will be able to wind down doing the 5km route through the orchards. That will get you the 10km.

13km – There are some new trails on this one, when you start you will be challenged with the mountain and additional routes along the base of the mountain (flat area) to return and complete the 5km section through the Olive orchards.

Distance & Entry Fee

Pre Entries Only :
13km – R260 pp
10km – R260 pp
5km – R240 pp

Children under 12 years – R150 pp

Mkholo Olive Farm, Broederstroom

Start Time / Batches:

30 pax will depart every 10 min

06h30 / 06h40 / 06h50 13km batch

07h00 / 07h10 / 07h20 10km batch

07h30 / 07h40 / 07h50 5km batch (including children under the age of 12 yrs)

From 5:30am (First briefing at 06h20 sharp)

Lucky Draw:
As our ethos is around Experiences, we don’t do prizes for placings however a lucky draw with some great prizes will take place after the run so everyone has a chance!


Runners are required to record their individual time using their own devices. Once you cross the finish line, please submit your wrist band with your timing into the bucket for our virtual lucky draw.  Timings will be emailed to runners the following day for Discovery Vitality Point submissions.

Take Note:

Medals; in the spirit of the cheese & olive theme, we’re changing it up a little & this time you will receive a crystal platter as your medal followed by a few cheese & olive tasters (children under the age of 12 years will receive medals)

Only runners are allowed on the day, no friends / family or spectators at the current time please

Mask or buff is compulsory at start / finish

All runners will pass by a sanitisation station & screening. For anyone registering a temperature above 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to enter or partake

Social distancing rules will apply at the water points as well as covid protocols

Walking / Hiking is allowed on the 5km route

Cut off time is 2h30 hours

Thank you for supporting our ethos “Tread Lightly” – all we leave behind are our footprints

There will be No Refunds due to rain or lightning cancellation

No licence is necessary to take part in the run

All athletes participate at their own risk

Toilet facilities available at start / finish

Good secure parking available

Refreshments table available at various points including water / coke

General Information

Wild Africa Experiences have rated the 5km route a 2.5/5 (5 been the most difficult). The 5km route largely meanders through the Olive Orchard whilst the 10km & 13km routes (rated a 4/5) include steady climbs into the magnificent Magalies mountain range. The views, forests, terrain & gorges are exquisite. Please note that walking is allowed.

Your safety is our number one concern. Whilst so much has changed, some things will thankfully still stay the same. We will continue with our exclusive & intimate trail runs in some hidden away valley and runners can be rest assured that your safety remains our absolute priority. Extensive COVID protocols have been implemented for the safety of both runners and staff alike. Please note that this is not an event as our Wild Africa Experiences followers know it. The number of runners & smaller batch starts will be limited and face masks, sanitizers and distance controls will be enforced.


Contact : Wild Africa Experiences. Paul

Contact number : 083 642 6698 / 081 018 2320


Additional information

Time Slot, Distance & Entry Fee

06h30: 13km adult @R260 pp, 06h40: 13km adult @R260 pp, 06h50: 13km adult @R260 pp, 07h00: 10km adult @R260 pp, 07h10: 10km adult @R260 pp, 07h20: 10km adult @R260 pp, 07h30: 5km adult @R240 pp, 07h40: 5km adult @R240 pp, 07h50: 5km adult @R240 pp, 08h00: 5km kids under 12yrs @R150 pp

Event Details

Wild Africa’s Cheese and Olive Trail

Sunday 21st February 2021. 13km, 8km, 5km

Exclusive Trail Running in a beautiful Olive Farm set in the Magalies mountains

Date: February 21, 2021

Start time: 06:30 a.m. SAST

End time: 11:30 a.m. SAST

Venue: Mkholo Olive Farm


Phone: 083 642 6698 / 081 018 2320


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