International Running Events

Our very first International event was an absolute bucket-list item and took us to non-other than the spectacular London Marathon. We still have goose bumps to this day! The following year, a few fabulous Wild Africa Experiences enthusiasts joined us on an incredible expedition to the Artic Circle to participate in the “Midnight Sun Marathon”, Norway. What a sensational journey this proved to be.

For 2022, we’ve once again decided to do things a little differently and the decision was made to head to Turkey to find a trail this time and one that is unlike any other. The Salomon Cappadacio Ultra-Trail is definitely one of the most unusual ultras on the International calendar & promises to be another epic adventure! We’ve opened this up to a small group of like-minded runners & for those who know us well, it’s not about the hardened athlete but more about the Experience so we’ve created an itinerary which we believe will allow you to experience a little bit of everything in Turkey with the freedom to travel (& run) at your own pace. There’s distances & challenges for everyone so we hope you can join us on our next overseas trail running adventure.

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